house of matthieu

The MICAEL MATTHEWS brand was founded in 2017 by Micael Matthews. Prior to its conception, BABYXDADDY, a brand he initially constructed in 2015, also inspired by street fashion, paved the way for MICAEL MATTHEWS. A transition that refined, defined and fabricated the concept. Born during an exhilarating time where luxury brands are curating an open and inclusive dialogue in the industry, MICAEL MATTHEWS creations echo the evolution of streetwear, where street meets luxury and primarily, luxury meets meaning.

From it’s infancy, the brand has always strived to be more than a name on a shirt, and ties emotive concepts to each collection, with every person wearing being the central focus of the garment, and not the brand itself – a refreshing perspective on clothing (hence the signature logo being catered to the point of view of the person wearing it).
MICAEL MATTHEWS is a house built on unapologetic stories infused with culture, history, energy and vibrance. Streetwear’s reputation is an inspiring phenomenon, it without fail evokes heart; a bond that the HOUSE OF MATTHIEU has with its audience.

Winter 2019 – the Leap of faith: First things First

Micael Matthews steps boldly into the fashion industry, with it’s introductory winter collection being 100% hand crafted fur sweaters. With concepts like ‘Something Subliminal’ being embroided on to the chest, the conceptualisation of having such a text ‘semi hidden’ within the fur; the brand knew it was on to something…

Spring 2019 – The Declaration

The Declaration was an acclamation, simply put, speaking success into existence as the brand demands it’s claim to the spotlight. The idea being for each consumer to wear clothing that carries a ‘higher life’ level mindset with massive statements like “PHENOM” and “ONCE A CONCEPT, NOW A COLLECTION.”


Eluding to the aspirations of establishing a presence in the French capital of fashion: Paris. The collection’s title “Maison de Matthieu” can be translated to House of Matthew, becoming the first mentioning of the overarching entity for the brand. It is under this title that all deliverables of Micael Matthews will be birthed with this collection being the beginning therof…

Spring/Summer 2021/2022 – Shades of Self

This Spring/ Summer collection became the truest breakthrough collection for MICAEL MATTHEWS. Each conceptual piece pays homage to introspective remarks. The intention being for every piece to integrate intentional reflections of self which was illustrated through the use of dual mirrors and the reflection of the piece in points of view that would usually be easy to miss.

Spring/Summer 2022/2023 – The Reflections Collection

Coming off the success of the previous collection, and a biproduct of the introspective concepts illustrated in the 2021/2022 collection; this new collection became the establishment of Micael Matthews in the industry as one of the most recognisable up and coming brands in Southern Africa. This collection also served as a tribute to the late Riky Rick, who had played a vital role in the motivation of the Micael Matthews brand work ethic.


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